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Gospel Training

Start cultivating your gospel influence where you live, work, learn, and play with a weekly insight:

Gospel Influence

Too many people are forced to choose between family, work, and mission. But we believe in a different model of kingdom impact. Begin to live as Jesus intended by bringing his mercy (forgiveness) and grace (God-given energy to do good) bear in a way that integrates them into one “lifework” that multiplies impact.


Ryan Paterson

Ryan loves to help emerging leaders increase their kingdom impact and grow their teams.

Professionally, he is talent acquisition and development expert in international, executive, and professional roles. He has more than two decades of recruiting, leadership, team building, and coaching experience in global companies, local churches, and non-profits.

Missionally, he is a bivocational church planter for A Church Family Network and the SEND Network.

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Conversations that will help cultivate your gospel infleunce.

A Church Family Network Podcast

A relational network of simple churches:


Guided opportunities to promote inner transformation, mutual discipleship, and kingdom impact.

Inner Transformation
Mutual Discipleship
Kingdom Impact
Mutual Discipleship
A six-week guided apprenticeship in “mutual discipleship” as the most basic relationship of communities of faith and the multiplication of the gospel.
Gospel Teams
A monthly virtual gathering to learn the simple rhythms of listening to people’s hearts, listening to God’s heart, and prayer-driven mission.


Start multiplying your impact and gospel influence in the areas of your life you want to focus on:


Cultivate influence that enables people to accomplish a goal together


Develop the skills and discipline to achieve the results you are wanting

Personal Growth

Discover the rhythms and practices to live an authentic and whole life

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Gospel Insights

Start cultivating your gospel influence where you live, work, learn, and play with a weekly insight:

Start With Clarity

Stop wasting your energy on too many things. Identify the mission and goals that will integrate your mission, family, and work into one clear lifework.