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Gospel Training

Start cultivating your gospel influence where you live, work, learn, and play with a weekly insight:

Gospel Coaching

I want to be sure that my non-directive coaching process will work for you. My goal is to help integrate your personal, professional, and missional life into one lifework.

We can start by focusing on one specific role in your life, step back and look at your personal mission, or tackle an immediate opportunity or hurdle that needs to be addressed right away.

Most often, people find one of these dimensions of their life helpful as a starting point:


Cultivate influence that enables people to accomplish a goal together


Develop the skills and discipline to achieve the results you are wanting

Personal Growth

Discover the rhythms and practices to live an authentic and whole life


Complete a brief application today


Coaching with Ryan has helped me pull back from the tyranny of the urgent and see the big picture of where God wants to take our church. Ryan’s experience and coaching style are a powerful combination in helping leaders turn their vision/big goals into practical steps to implement and work toward. Working with Gospel Training has been an incredible benefit to me as a pastor and our church as a whole!

Chad Francis
Sr. Pastor
Fair Oaks Church

Ryan hits it hard, builds teams around him, and far exceeds peoples expectations. It’s a thrill to partner with him and see his ministry flourish. I consider him a dear friend and love watching him blaze new trails in ministry.

Jon Talbert
Director of Unify
Transform the Bay

Ryan and the TTI screening process has improved our staff hiring and retention by giving us key insights into how a person will respond to our environment. He personally connects with us and helps us dig deep into the data collected through the TTI screening. His input has given us confidence and helped us guide staff to a more fulfilling experience in our organization.

Ron Thompson
Sr. Pastor
Twin Cities Church

Start With Clarity

Stop wasting your energy on too many things. Identify the mission and goals that will integrate your mission, family, and work into one clear lifework.